Harley Waters

Property Management Coordinator

Harley Waters is a dynamic professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Northwestern State University. With experience in various roles, she brings adaptability and problem-solving skills to her work. Harley’s keen understanding of different industries allows her to bridge gaps and foster collaboration between teams. Committed to excellence, she is positioned to make significant contributions to the success of U.L. Coleman.

Currently, Harley is responsible for maintaining Property Management’s schedule, taking meeting minutes, ensuring effective communication through systems like Smartsheet, and providing support to the Vice President of Property Management. Her expertise in data management, project coordination, and document production enhances the delivery of exceptional service by Property Managers. With her diverse background and strong organizational skills, Harley Waters is a valuable asset to U.L. Coleman. Her proactive mindset and commitment to excellence contribute to the seamless operations and success of the team.