Cutting Cookies to help preserve a piece of history.

May 23, 2013

This piece of history will be put on display in the Coates Bluff at Wright Island Clubhouse. U.L. Coleman Companies commissioned the Louisiana Tech University Department of Forestry to help preserve a piece of Coates Bluff history by cutting a cookie; approximately 44” in diameter, of a 100+ year old pecan tree. The team used a 5.5’ M-tooth design racing crosscut saw to cut the tree. However, the saw is now retired from racing and is used as a practice saw.

Each year the School of Forestry’s Forestry Club competes in the Association of Southern Forestry Clubs (ASFC) annual Conclave. The annual conclaves are hosted, on a rotating basis, by each of the 15 forestry schools across the south. Tech last hosted in 2006. At the conclave students compete in physical and technical events for three days. The physical events are similar to the Stihl Timbersports competitions as seen on ESPN. There are three events in which crosscut saws are used: Men’s, women’s, and Jack & Jill. Typical cutting times during competition range from five to nine seconds when cutting square 12″ by 12″ cants.

Coates Bluff at Wright Island is a 252 luxury unit multi-family development. The first available units will include five residential buildings and a clubhouse; the developer anticipating a June completion. U. L. Coleman Companies is celebrating 40 years of leadership in Commercial Real Estate and Community Development serving Shreveport-Bossier City. Founded by current CEO, Linc Coleman in 1973, the companies have been unwavering in their pursuit of excellence, creating the most desirable places to live, work, and play across the region. Coates Bluff at Wright Island is the latest example of the innovation, sustainability, and environmental stewardship found in our multi-family communities. For more information about the Coates Bluff community please go to



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