Sustainability in Action: Millicent Crossing Gets Updates

Mar 4, 2021

U. L. Coleman Companies’ commitment to sustainability is always at the forefront of our decisions and actions. Every other week, department heads and administrators have met to discuss, plan, and brainstorm new sustainability practices, as well as continuing previous practices.Our Shreveport property, Millicent Crossing, has recently been updated to meet our sustainability standards, and improve the property to be more eco-friendly. These updates aim to make Millicent Crossing a more eco-friendly and sustainable property, as well as add convenience to resident’s lifestyles. The renovations include energy-efficient, remote-controlled NEST Thermostats that use temperature technology to conserve energy. These have received substantial positive feedback from residents and associates alike and can save up to $130-$145 a year in energy costs. All of the property’s lightbulbs have been upgraded to LED including the leasing office, all apartments, and outdoor lighting. LED bulbs are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting and give off much less heat. All of the toilets at Millicent Crossing have been upgraded to water-saving 1-gallon tanks, furthermore reducing the property’s waste. Thanks to the hard work, expertise, and efficiency of the ULCC team, we got it done!



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