Celebrating 50 Years!

Aug 28, 2023

Celebrating 50 Years of U.L. Coleman Companies: A Legacy of Quality and Community Building

As U.L. Coleman Companies reaches the extraordinary milestone of 50 years in operation, it’s a fitting time to reflect on its enduring legacy in real estate development and community building. Established in 1973, this distinguished company has been an industry leader, setting benchmarks in creating environments that enhance the quality of life.

Pioneering Sustainable Growth

From the very beginning, U.L. Coleman Companies made it a priority to embrace sustainable growth. The firm’s vision was never just about erecting buildings; it was about contributing to the community and environment in a meaningful way. This commitment has made them pioneers in environmentally sustainable practices, long before “sustainability” became a buzzword. They have remained at the forefront of using green technologies and materials, demonstrating that good business practices can and should be good for the planet.

For further insights into the importance of sustainable development in real estate, you can read this article from Multi-Housing News.

A Portfolio that Speaks Volumes

Over the years, U.L. Coleman Companies has amassed a portfolio of properties that are nothing short of impressive. Their catalog ranges from residential properties like Coates Bluff Apartments at Wright’s Island to commercial spaces and even mixed-use developments. Each property stands as a testament to the firm’s commitment to quality and community.

Expansive Geographical Reach

One of the remarkable aspects of U.L. Coleman Companies is its expansive geographical reach. Beyond its hometown of Shreveport, the firm has made a significant impact in several Texas cities, notably San Marcos, Longview, and Marshall. Each of these locations benefits from the company’s signature approach to quality, sustainable development, and community enhancement.

Building Communities, Not Just Properties

What sets U.L. Coleman Companies apart is not merely the quality of their constructions but the relationships they’ve built within the communities they serve. Customer trust and community partnership have been foundational in the firm’s 50-year history. Their dedication to enhancing local communities has earned them not just business success, but the far more valuable currency of goodwill and respect.

For more on the importance of community building in real estate, check out this informative piece by Urban Land Institute.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate this significant milestone, it’s evident that U.L. Coleman Companies is not just looking back at its achievements but is excitedly focused on the future. The 50-year mark serves as a launch pad for further innovation and commitment to sustainable growth and community building.

The company’s commitment to community and quality offers a glimpse into what the next 50 years will hold, and we can only anticipate that U.L. Coleman Companies will continue to lead in ways we can’t yet imagine.

Here’s to the next 50 years of excellence and community commitment! 🥂



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