Month: September 2015

Centenary Student Receives ULCC Scholarship

Centenary Student Receives ULCC Scholarship

Shreveport, Louisiana - U. L. Coleman Companies congratulated Princes Jones, the newest Centenary College Coleman scholarship recipient. Princes was honored on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at U.L. Coleman Companies’ central office where her parents, employees, and...

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Centenary Student Receives ULCC Scholarship

Welcome Valerie Sterkx

Valerie Sterkx joined U. L. Coleman Companies on Monday, August 17th as our new Office Manager. She is responsible for central office management, including organizing, coordinating, and supervising office operating procedures, employee policies, marketing, and public...

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September 2015

Mission Statement

To provide the best value and service to our clients through a fully integrated, cost effective approach to real estate services delivered by a team of uniquely qualified professionals who dedicate hard work, attention to detail, integrity, and fairness to each step of the process.